6 Home Building Trends To Explore In 2022

From style to functionality, there are a lot of factors to consider when designing and building a home. 

From energy efficiency to having a home with an office or workspace attached, it’s important that your living space fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Here are a few of the home building trends we see people gravitating toward for 2022. 


Shop homes are houses with workspaces or storage spaces connected to them, making working remotely or spending time on your hobby convenient. 

There’s also plenty of room for storage, so renting a workspace or storage space isn’t necessary. You can have peace of mind about your equipment since it can be stored on your property instead of in a rented space miles away. 

Post-frame construction is ideal for shop homes. At New Energy Homes, we use post-frame construction to evenly install insulation with less thermal bridging and fewer air gaps than a stick frame home.


Barndominiums — metal or steel barns that have been converted into living spaces — have been rising in popularity. 

Barndominiums are customizable to your tastes and preferences, but they have unique benefits.  The metal exterior is sturdy and more energy efficient than wood. If the ability to work from home is important to you, barndominiums can serve a dual purpose with room for a workspace and living space. 

With high ceilings and an open layout, barndominiums are spacious and leave you with endless possibilities for the interior. You can lean into a rustic country feel or opt for modern styles. 


Tiny homes are typically 400 feet or smaller, but they continue to have a big appeal. Tiny home sales have been above average throughout the pandemic and aren’t expected to slow down. 

The tiny homes market is expected to grow by $5.8 million between 2020-2024, according to market research. 

Tiny homes are ideal if you’re seeking a simple, minimalist lifestyle. More than half of Americans surveyed in late 2020 said they would live in a tiny home. Even more people – 86% – would consider buying a tiny home as their first home. Some of the most appealing factors of a tiny home are affordability, efficiency, and eco-friendly components. Due to their size, tiny homes use less energy and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional homes. 

Tiny homes don’t mean having to give up your style preferences. They can feature modern architecture, outdoor living spaces, lofts, and vaulted ceilings for an open atmosphere. 


When designing and building a home, solar panels are now top of mind for many people.

Solar panels lower energy bills and are a renewable energy source. Solar energy also continues to become a more affordable option and is the fastest growing source of new energy in America. The Solar Energy Industries Association projects that 13.4% of homes in the United States will have solar panels by 2030. 

At New Energy Homes, we use thin, film solar panels with a 25-year warranty. 


Energy-efficient homes have the ability to conserve and reduce energy. 

The amount of energy a home uses depends on location, the number of people in the home, the type of house, the climate, the number of devices in the home that use energy, and how often the devices are used. 

Heating and cooling typically use the most energy in a home, taking up over half of the energy use. During the home building process, focusing on insulation and heat flow can result in big savings on energy bills. Post frame homes, like those designed by New Energy Homes, have a lot more space between posts, leaving room for solid walls of insulation to help keep your home energy efficient.


Whether by painting the walls earth tones, bringing plants inside, decorating with wood or bamboo features, or making sure a home has a lot of natural sunlight, this year is about connecting with nature. 

Biophilic design focuses on how people can connect with nature in their indoor living and working spaces, and it’s increasing in popularity. Incorporating colors like deep blues and forest greens isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it’s soothing and grounding. 

Here at New Energy Homes, many of our designs feature wrap-around porches, decks, and large windows so you can comfortably enjoy the sun or watch the snow fall from a comfortable seat in your home. 


When you build a home with New Energy Homes, we work with you to design and build a home with the features you want that are affordable, sustainable, and renewable. We aim to eliminate at least half of your energy costs, and our homes are more energy-efficient than most due to our hybrid insulation package, carefully selected building materials, and focus on controlling heat transfer. 

If you’re looking to build a high-performance, affordable, sustainable, and renewable home, contact us at New Energy Homes today.