New Energy Homes is accepting dealership inquiries from home builders interested in building affordable, sustainable homes for energy conscious customers.Our preferred method of sales is through a network of Building Dealers – local contractors who have experience in post frame construction and a good reputation within the community. In most cases that builder finds it difficult to juggle bidding, job management, construction, material listing, ordering and coordinating deliveries, and still have a life after work. We assist in some key areas that allow that builder to do what he does best – build.

Following are twelve key areas that assist you in time management yet ensure profitability in your projects:

1. Easy Pricing System / More Time to Manage

Through the use of our computer pricing program (BBSprice) which is supplied with our dealership program, you will be able to determine; your material cost, estimated labor hours, your suggested selling price, develop a customer proposal, view a basic floor plan and generate a Borkholder Post Frame Building Order. We also supply a manual Price book for your convenience.

2. Brand Recognition / Professionalize Presentation and Reduced Cost

Since Borkholder Buildings has been in business for over 50 years, we have been involved in thousands of projects in many different communities across the Midwest. As a Borkholder Dealer you will be seen as a part of that legacy 2nd network, and will be able to share that with your potential customer while adding your local reputation as well.

3. Flexible Creative Design / No Additional Design Costs

Various post frame building designs are available which allow you to meet any need of your customer from commercial to agricultural. A wide variety of accessories are also available to assist you in meeting the needs of your customers. Pre-engineered steel buildings and conventional wood frame buildings are also available and can be integrated into the same project.

4. Guaranteed Price / Consistent Margin and Better Planning

A key factor in establishing the price for your project is to ensure that all materials have been included in your estimate. With our simple pricing system, not only is the quality of the materials guaranteed, but there is no need to call to various suppliers to make sure those individuals prices have not changed.

5. Simple Consistent Construction / Less Construction Time Less Job-Site Mistakes

Each of your building projects will include building plans and material lists mailed to you prior to delivery. This will aid in constructing your project in an efficient manner.

6. High Quality Materials / Faster, Better Construction

With the Borkholder dealership program, you receive the total materials needed to construct your projects, delivered to your job-site via Borkholder truck and drivers. This complete material package from one supplier will save you significant time and effort in ordering, delivery, and coordination of materials needed to complete the building project.

7. Construction Manual / Assistance in Employee Training

Provided with the dealer program is a complete construction manual outlining the details on various construction techniques, as well as, methods of operation and other construction information to assist in construction management.

8. Engineering Design Services / Less risk, Reduced Cost

Borkholder Buildings has a licensed architect and complete design team on staff in Nappanee, IN, to better assist our dealers with designs that look great, are practical, economical, and meet code requirements. We have the ability to assist you in specially designed buildings to meet the needs of a particular customer or building situation. While also providing structural drawings stamped by a certified engineer, and/or handling the state submittal process.

9. Promotional Help / Reduced Cost, Creative Assistance

Borkholder has established a co-op advertising program to assist the dealer with advertising in his assigned area. Borkholder also has digital images, and predesigned ads available to assist in your advertising efforts.

10. Strong Reputation / Local Viability

As other companies refinance, go out of business, or change owners; Borkholder has been going strong since 1962. Builders have come to depend on us for outstanding products and superior service. We think this speaks well for our attitude and commitment.

11. NFBA membership / National Industry Resources

By joining our dealership program you have access to the National Frame Builders Association that has been around for 35 years. It has been at the fore front of our industry in monitoring and developing guidelines that continue to improve our techniques and products. The builder resources that are available include; online registration, safety issues, literature, videos, and much more. This is a great resource and will save you a lot of time and money in developing your own programs.

12. Sales Incentives / Free vacation, Awesome Networking

We offer great incentives to our dealers such as; 1 year membership in the NFBA, dealer of the month program and we reward our top dealers with impressive rewards, including annual incentive trips all over the globe.

We would be excited to talk to you and see if our system makes sense for you. Please fill out our contact form and mention your interest in the comments area.